ROE is a hip-hop artist, songwriter and producer torching the indie music scene with his constant release of new music and seasonal EPs.

Rising Over Expectations (ROE)

ROE has spent over 10 years on the Atlanta music scene trying to break and develop as an artist. The indie mogul released his first album "Coma City" in 2016, which gained him a significant amount of traction within the following months of its release. The demand for music began to increase and Roe started to release seasonal EPs to keep the buzz going all year long. "Making his way out of the Mecca of music" as noted by SWIDLIFE, there's no doubt that he will continue to Rise Over Expectations (ROE).


Rolandus Valdis Bailey II was born on October 20, 1994, at Jeff Anderson Medical Center in Meridian, Mississippi. His father, Rolandus Bailey (Senior), entered his third term of incarceration the year that Roe was born. He was left to be raised by his mother, a single parent in one of the worst housing projects in Meridian, Mississippi. His mother Shannon Bailey, raised him until his father returned home 8 years later.  After being released from prison, Rolandus (Senior) was determined to create a better life for him and his family; far distant from the one that had landed him behind bars. In 2006, ROE's family moved to Atlanta, Georgia with two goals in mind; his sister was expected to attend and graduate Spelman College, and ROE was expected to pursue a long term career in the music industry. 


ROE developed a love for music from listening experiences as a kid. He recalls riding to school in the morning as his mother blasts a wide variety of tunes from "Whoof" by Snoop Dogg to "In My Bed" by Dru Hill. During Rolandus Bailey's (Senior) time in prison, he sent home a Sony stereo in which ROE began to experiment with recording music. He started training himself to record as early as 6 years old, and soon began taking a liking to the recording process and making music of his own. The young star continued to build skill and technique well into his teenage years, where he began learning to produce on DAWs such as Image-Line's Fruity Loops production software.

creating the buzz

He began to put mixtapes together and release them through free service sites such as Datpiff and HotNewHipHop. His first official mixtape release was Lyrical Homicide (2009). He would continue to release music every year, from mixtapes to LPs, quickly gaining the attention of local rappers and taste makers in Atlanta. Well into his young adult life, ROE was going through development stages as an artist, performing at various open mics and showcases to generate a "buzz" as well as establishing a strict work ethic with producing, writing and recording music.

OPEN EYES music group

ROE joined forces with three local Gwinnett County rappers in 2013 to form the collective Open Eyes Music Group. He and the crew members began working closely together and soon released their first group project New Nawf. With production from Atlanta producer Zaytoven, the mixtape landed them countless gigs and appearances at clubs locally. ROE's rise to fame came to a screeching halt one night after a show, when he was shot three times by a another member of rap group, who had been performing at the same venue as ROE and his crew that night. 


In January of 2016, ROE returned solo, starting down the road to recovery while also recording his first independent album titled Coma City. Broke The Mold was the single to gain the most traction, allowing ROE to mount a smooth comeback to the Atlanta rap scene. Since the humble success of his album along with the release of his seasonal EPs, It Ain't That Deep (Spring 2017), Wake of Summer (Summer 2017) and now Back To Autumn (Fall 2017), he continues to advance within the rap circuit.


ROE is constantly moving within the independent music scene of Atlanta, recording new music, collaborating with fellow artists, producing and engineering, graphic designing and artist developing, with plans of building the perfect brand. Keep up with ROE by following @HERESROE on all social media. His Soundcloud continues to flow with new music on a consistent basis, so be sure to follow him there as well. Search "ROE" on Spotify and follow for more music also. Stayed tuned for new music videos and behind the scenes moments provided by ROE and his team, as he works along side other talented acts such as Keaux and TFN of VXV, BeenDope, Nxtetg and more.


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