Last year I released my first independent album titled 'Coma City'. The idea behind it was that I had been slept on by a large majority of the indie rap scene. Thanks to you, I was able to wake a lot more people and introduce them to the sound you took a liking to so much. 

This year I want to show my appreciation for the belief that you put behind my first official release. I'll be releasing a hell of a lot more content this year than I did last year, and hopefully you put that same belief and trust behind me that you did a year ago. 

CLICK HERE and sign up so you can receive e-mails directly from the website, so that you don't miss any of my releases or updates. I'll be posting on my official site a lot more so that we can build a stronger relationship and have a home base to connect to, and I will be posting frequently so I hope you all in.


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