Wintertide Freestyle 🕊❄️

ROE drops the Wintertide Freestyle over wicked production borrowed by Ra$$$had of Zigga Nation. ROE's Winter EP 'The Winter Adieu' is set to release January 27th. Check out these bars and let us know what you're expecting from this seasons 5 track project.

ROE drops Momma's Interlude!

Roe returns with fall time vibes. A new single titled 'Momma's Interlude' opens with a clip of a two voices, one of which that seems to be the seasonal emcee having a conversation with his mother. Production of this track was cleverly orchestrated by TFN of VXV, and is said to be one of many songs that the two have together in the stash.

Listen below and let's hear your thoughts!

Back to Autumn OUT NOW! 🍁🕊

As promised, ROE is back with yet another seasonal release. Seems as if summer started yesterday, now its 'Back To Autumn'. He teams up with new producers Nxtetg, Kyrie FX, and BeenDope and even tags artist and producer Daywlk for a feature on "Get A Grip". The new EP is available on Soundcloud for now and is coming very soon to all major streaming platforms! Follow @HERESROE on all social media as well as Spotify for more music!

NEW MUSIC: ONS [Produced by Nxtetg]

Last night while the world was pre-gaming for the big Game 2 of the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. The Golden State Worriers, ROE released a surprise titled "ONS". The track was released on the page of the producer who orchestrated the instrumental, going by the name Nxtetg a.k.a. Be Great Nate. The song carries the same cadence as similar ROE tracks that we've heard in the past coming months. This one in particular has the perfect summer like feel to it. You be the judge and let us know what you think in the comment section of the SoundCloud track.

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NEW EP: Wake of Summer

ROE is back with another seasonal release and this time he intends to heat up the summer with a 5 song EP. Same formula as 'It Ain't That Deep' which was released in April. This time he produces 4 out of 5 tracks with the last being produced by BeenDope. Stream on SoundCloud NOW! Don't forget to check out 'It Ain't That Deep' availble on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

Velvet Bullet Alogs | Episode 1 - Five Paths

Here's something more to offer other than music. Conversation. I don't want to call it a podcast because it's not structured in the way. The most accurate discriptive name that I could come up with was an Alog. Audiologs. The structure of these segments or more similiar to video logs (vlogs). We'll be dropping these often so stay tuned and don't be afraid to join in on the conversation in the comments. We'll gladly discuss your replies in the next episode.

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